We create our dolls (called "reborns") using only the highest quality materials available. All of the dolls on this site and on our Facebook page have been painted by us (with the exception of the examples we use to help you choose a kit). Even though we have been doing this for many years, we have not painted them all. With new ones coming out all the time, it's hard to keep up, but the lovely part is that there is a doll for every collector. We love being able to paint new dolls as well as old favorites.


We are one of the few doll artist businesses that still take custom orders. What that means is that we don't start the process until you have chosen all the perfect details. We allow you to customize the eye color, skin tone, hair, gender, and weight. Dolls come in what are known as "kits" with the head and limbs (and sometimes body) sculpted by an artist and then poured into a mold. We purchase the blank (unpainted) kits and all the components and paint and assemble them by hand for our customers. Some kits (called Realborns) aren't sculpted at all but made from 3D scans of actual, real-life babies!


We paint each doll by hand using many MANY layers of a special paint called Genesis. The paint is very thin, like watercolor, and after each layer, we "heat set" the parts in special ovens at a low temperature. After each layer has cooled, we paint the next and go through the entire process all over again. Depending on the details, it can take days and even weeks to create a single doll. Once we are done, we finish each doll with a varnish that helps protect the paint and gives the skin texture. We strive to achieve ultimate realism in each baby (and fool people who think they're real on a regular basis!). 

Dolls can come with sweet little bald heads (standard) or we can add painted or rooted hair. If the doll being created is for a child, we recommend bald or painted hair only. We use only premium silky-soft mohair on our rooted babies and micro-root one to two hairs at a time with a tiny needle. Because of the delicate nature of rooted hair and the time it takes, we feel like it is not suitable for tiny hands but for adult collectors only. 


We at Pink Glitter create dolls from vinyl kits. Although some dolls can have full, anatomically-correct bodies (certain kits only), most of the ones we make have a soft, skin-like vinyl head and limbs with an extra cuddly doe-suede body. They are posable at the neck, shoulders, and hips (the arms and legs do not bend). Our babies are filled and weighted with the finest materials available. We use premium poly-fill for a snuggly feel and micro-glass beads for weight without the bulk. Each doll comes with a baby-scent wafer inside the body so they smell sweet like a real newborn! Holding a reborn doll for the first time is a unique experience. Don't be surprised if you find yourself rocking and patting without even thinking!

We do not offer silicone dolls at this time, although there are artists who do. Silicone is VERY delicate and can rip/tear easily. It is also quite costly to create and only recommended for the most careful of collectors. Because of this, we prefer to offer vinyl doll kits so that they may be enjoyed by young and old alike without the fear of damage.


If you have decided that now is the time for you to own your very own "Glitter Baby", our fairies are waiting to make a special one just for you!

TO ORDER A CUSTOM DOLL, visit our PURCHASE page. If you have questions, contact us on Facebook or via our Contact page. We always respond promptly (usually within an hour or two!).

We currently have two price points for dolls: Bountiful Baby kits start at $250 (bald), and Realborn or German Vinyl kits start at $350. Bountiful Baby kits are the ones we make most often. Realborn/German kits cost more because they are sculpted by highly experienced artists or made from 3D scans of actual babies and can often be more detailed and have higher quality vinyl. 

Each doll comes with a onesie, diaper, bow/hat, blanket, and birth certificate signed by us (they wear real baby clothes, so shopping for them is fun!). There are blank spaces for the adoptive mom to fill in for the name of your new baby. We offer extra items, like magnetic pacifiers, that can be purchased separately.

To see dolls we have painted, please browse our Home page or visit us on our Facebook page. We have many years' worth of doll photos for you to browse and we look forward to making a very special, one-of-a-kind keepsake for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come!


  • Bountiful Baby kits (bald): $250
  • German Vinyl or Realborn kits (bald): $350
  • Realistic Painted Hair: $50
  • Micro-Rooted Premium Mohair: $200
  • Shipping or Local Delivery: $20 (porch pickup in Daphne or Chickasaw, depending on the artist, is FREE)
  • Magnetic Pacifier: $10
  • Heartbeat Box: $10


At the moment, we offer a 60 day layaway on regularly-priced dolls (not applicable on clearance or special sales). We send all invoices through PayPal (you do not need an account to pay) and also take credit card orders over the phone (no cash on delivery, checks, or money orders please).

The layaway plan includes three equal payments over 60 days (1/3 deposit, 1/3 due in 30 days, 1/3 due in 60 days). The terms of your layaway will be clearly stated on your invoice (to pay 1/3, just use the Partial Pay option) and you are always welcome to pay your balance early. We do not check credit or collect interest on layaways, but rather offer this option as an agreement that you will pay your balance in full and on time.

Due to the nature of custom orders, we do not offer refunds and reserve the right to cancel an order if payments have not been sent.